Small Sterling Silver Fancy Cross Pendant Necklace
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Small Sterling Silver Fancy Cross Pendant Necklace

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  • Item #: 10-NK0127
  • Manufacturer: Amen Boutique
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This necklace has a small, fancy sterling silver cross on an 18 inch sterling silver neck chain that is finished with a magnetic clasp. The cross is distinguished by six pointed stars. The six point star is often thought of as the "Star of the Creator" who made the world in six days.

The fancy cross is sterling silver and has been plated with rhodium. Rhodium is a metal that is similar to platinum and has a shiny appearance. The magnetic clasp makes this necklace very easy to put on and to remove.

This sterling silver necklace comes in a red flocked gift box with a white interior. 

Designed and crafted by Amen Boutique in Culpeper, Virginia.

• Sterling silver small fancy cross with rhodium plating. Height: 23mm. Width: 18mm. Thickness: 1.6mm
• Sterling silver chain, 18 inches. Origin: U.S.A.
• Sterling silver magnetic clasp, 12 mm. Origin: U.S.A.
• Red flocked gift box. Origin: China.

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