Scottie Dog Hematite Bead Remembrance Double Wrap Bracelet
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Scottie Dog Hematite Bead Remembrance Double Wrap Bracelet

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This is a double wrap hematite bead bracelet that features two small silver plated pewter Scottish Terrier charms. Red Japanese silver lined glass Toho beads and silver plated rondel spacers separate the hematite beads.

The bracelet honors the Scottish Terrier which is a lovable, noble, and confidant breed of dog. While there are color variations, most people think of the Scottie as having a shiny black coat.
A pretty red color often is also associated with them, as well as a Scottish plaid. That is why I have combined the shiny black hematite beads with the red Toho beads to represent their colors.

Hematite is form of iron oxide and became very popular in jewelry the Victorian Era. 
NOTE: Hematite is known to have a light magnetic property to it. It should not be worn by anyone with a Pacemaker.

The bracelet was designed and crafted in Culpeper, Virginia. 

▪ Hematite beads, 6 mm. Origin: China.
▪ Japanese silver lined glass Toho beads, 6/0.
▪ Silver color pewter Scottish Terrier charms, 21 mm by 17 mm. Origin: U.S.A.
▪ Silver plated base metal bumpy textured round spacer beads, 6 mm by 5 mm. Origin: China.
▪ Jewelry stainless steel memory wire. Origin: U.S.A.

IMPORTANT: This bracelet contains small beads. It is not intended for young children.

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