Golden Bead Rosary Wrap Bracelet with Faux Pearls and Cross
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Golden Bead Rosary Wrap Bracelet with Faux Pearls and Cross

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  • Manufacturer: Amen Boutique
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This one-decade rosary has Swarovski faux pearls, crystals and Japanese Toho golden glass beads that have been hand crafted into a three wrap bracelet. The rosary bracelet is finished with a gold-plated pewter fleur cross and a Swarovski crystal in a gold-plated pewter round frame. The Swarovski faux pearls represent one decade of “Hail Mary” beads. The larger Swarovski faux pearls represent the “Our Father.” The beads are strung on stainless steel memory wire and will retain its shape. It is designed to fit most teens through adults.

Designed and crafted by Amen Boutique in Culpeper, Virginia.

▪ Swarovski Elements crystal faux pearls, 8 mm and 10 mm. Origin: Austria.
▪ Swarovski XILION crystal bicones, 4 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm. Origin: Austria.
▪ Gold-plated pewter fleur cross measures 26 mm by 17.5 mm. Origin: U.S.A.
▪ Gold-plated pewter round frame. Origin: U.S.A.
▪ Gold-plated pewter daisy spacer beads, 5 mm. Origin: U.S.A.
▪ Japanese Toho golden glass beads, sizes 6/0 and 8.0. Origin: Japan.

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