Blue Crazy Lace Agate and Lotus Charm Wrap Bracelet
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Blue Crazy Lace Agate and Lotus Charm Wrap Bracelet

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  • Manufacturer: Amen Boutique
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Sparkling Swarovski aquamarine crystals, blue crazy lace agate gem stones and black hematite beads make up this multi-strand wrap bracelet that is finished with a gold-plated pewter Lotus charm and a Swarovski crystal dangle. The lotus is often associated with enlightenment, purity and has a calmness to it.

The blue crazy lace agate usually comes from Mexico and is known as a “happy stone” that promotes optimism and laughter. The Mexican agate is normally an opaque gem stone that has swirling patterns. The agate is then dyed to enhance the color and its swirling patterns. Each stone varies in color and may have some natural imperfections. 

NOTE: Hematite beads are a mineral form of iron oxide and moderately magnetic. People with pacemakers should avoid contact.

Designed and crafted by Amen Boutique in Culpeper, Virginia.

▪ Blue crazy lace agate round beads, 6 mm. Origin: U.S.A./Mexico
▪ Swarovski aquamarine bicone crystal beads, 6 mm. Origin: Austria.
▪ 22K gold-plated pewter daisy spacer beads, 5 mm. Origin: U.S.A.
▪ 22K gold-plated brass cone bead caps, 6 mm.
▪ Gold-plated pewter round bead frame, 8 mm. Origin: U.S.A.
▪ Hematite round beads, 8 mm. Origin: China.
▪ Gold-plated pewter lotus charm, 16.5 mm by 11.5 mm. Origin: U.S.A.
▪ Gold color memory wire.

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