Black Hematite Rosary Wrap Bracelet with Gold and Copper Tones
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Black Hematite Rosary Wrap Bracelet with Gold and Copper Tones

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  • Manufacturer: Amen Boutique
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This is a black hematite rosary wrap bracelet with silver and copper hematite beads that is finished with Swarovski crystals and a gold-plated pewter cross. The predominate color of the hematite bracelet is black from the round beads. There are also silver and copper colored square hematite beads that surround the round "Our Father" beads. Swarovski crystal silver night bicone beads add a delicate sparkle. The bracelet is finished with a gold-plated pewter cross and more Swarovski beads. This wrap bracelet will fit most teens and adults.

Designed and crafted by Amen Boutique in Culpeper, Virginia.

WARNING: Hematite is an iron oxide mineral that may contain a low magnetic level. People with pacemakers should not wear hematite.

  • Swarovski Xilion 4 mm and 6mm silver night crystal bicone beads. Origin: Austria
  • Swarovski 8 mm faceted crystal copper color cube. Origin: Austria
  • Hematite round beads are 4 mm, 6 mm and 10 mm; sqaure beads are 5 mm. Origin: China.
  • Antiqued gold-plated cross is made from lead-free pewter; measures 20 mm high by 11 mm wide. Origin: U.S.A.


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